Does ATEEZ Have Their Next Comeback Ready? With Teaser They Unleash Theories


There is a mystery behind ATEEZ as they revealed a teaser with clues, will it be for their next comeback? ATINY is already more than ready for new adventures with ATEEZ, they may have their next release ready and the world will discover new songs and performances by the K-Pop band.

In March 2021, ATEEZ released ‘Zero: Fever Part.2’, dominating the world with its music and delighting the senses of its millions of fans who love and admire each of the group’s idols, little by little managing to reach more fans around the world who can appreciate the art in each song of this K-Pop group.

ATINY is a global fandom that is in charge of being the great support of ATEEZ and every day new fans join to show their support for idols, so the world is waiting for everything these idols release; they work hard, on their music and collaborations with brands like Pepsi.

Although it has been a few months since ATEEZ’s last release, it appears that the K-Pop band is ready to return to the stage with new music and performances, what will the teaser they released mean?


Through the official account ATEEZ on Twitter, the band released an image of an hourglass breaking with the date of September 13, 2021, will your next comeback? Maybe the idols are ready to release new music and delight us with more of their talents.

ATINY did not take long to unleash theories (and memes) for this teaser that only leaves us with a lot of emotion.

With the hashtag #ATEEZISCOMING, every fan is showing their great excitement for this little idol teaser.

Do you have everything ready for the return of ATEEZ? This new release will surely surprise us and will end up making ATINY grow even more and will already be ABIG * ba dum tss *.


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