Documentary shows that games can be therapy for children


Video game is too good! You don’t even need a lot of strength to defend that sentence, because here everyone knows that the games are really cool. But what not everyone knows is that electronic games can be much more than entertainment, they can be therapy for children with cancer. And that is what the documentary “La Quimio Jugando se Pasa Volando” (Chemotherapy playing, passes by, in free translation).

This documentary was produced in Madrid by the Juegoterapia foundation, focusing on demonstrating the results of a pioneering study carried out at the La Paz hospital in the Spanish capital. According to the producers, the study “confirms that playing video games during chemotherapy treatment makes children feel less pain and this also favors the healing process”.

As reported by the Xataka website, the research used several data to support the theory. In addition to bringing several reports of children fighting cancer, families, doctors and members of the Juegoterapia foundation. In the work it is also possible to see that the use of alternative therapy makes children need smaller doses of morphine (a powerful opioid-based analgesic) to get through the effects of chemo.

“La Quimio Jugando se Pasa Volando” is not yet available in Brazil, but in Spain the documentary is available on Amazon Prime Video and Filmin services. In addition to the Juegoterapia foundation, there is also the participation of Sony Interactive, which was also responsible for providing consoles and games for studies. There is more proof that video games can be much more than just fun. And let him arrive here in Brazil soon.


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