Doctor Who: Will Captain Jack Harkness return to a new era?


As Russell T. Davis will soon take on the role of Doctor Who, fans will wonder what references to his first era he will make. An experienced head screenwriter is known for having worked with the same actors several times, and he is no stranger to listening to old characters both by name and in fact. As we’ve seen, Davis has already started writing a new character named Rose.

John Barrowman, although a successful actor, has long shown interest in returning to Doctor Who. He recently returned during the 13th Doctor’s stories “The Fugitive from Judoon” and “The Dalek Revolution.” Fans are no doubt wondering if Jack Harkness will return to the RTD era, especially considering Davis created the character.

Barrowman’s antics on set could have caused a problem

John Barrowman has come under scrutiny for his on-set antics, in which he regularly exposed himself to colleagues on set. This behavior seemed to haunt him everywhere, from Doctor Who to Torchwood and Arrow. Although many actors have stated that Barrowman always did it as a joke and that they did not feel threatened, it nevertheless damaged Barrowman’s credibility and reputation in the industry and among fans.

Since the Doctor Who brand has been suffering in recent years due to the reception of fans and critics, Russell T. Davis may want to play it safe and not return Barrowman until public opinion about him improves. Barrowman has appeared in some of the best Doctor Who episodes of The Tenth Doctor, so no one can blame Davis if he wants to stick with what works. On the other hand, Russell is known for regularly working with people with whom he has a good relationship, and he’s not one to shy away from being brave enough to work with Barrowman again, regardless of branding issues. Barrowman has since apologized for his behavior and escaped relatively unscathed, so maybe Davies and Bad Wolf Studios won’t see it as a risk.

Several outdated characters are already returning

It has already been announced that several old characters will return in the second era of the Davis show. David Tennant and Catherine Tate are returning, although it is unknown whether Tennant will return as the 10th, 14th or fake Doctor, rumors are currently circulating about all three outcomes. One thing people should know about the Celestial Toy Maker in Doctor Who is that he can manipulate reality and create illusions; this means that Tennant could return as a fake Doctor, and not necessarily as his popular incarnation.

It is clear that Russell from the very beginning connects his past era with his new one. Since Captain Jack appeared in his first series in “The Empty Child” and appeared most recently in Series 12, there is a strong possibility that he may also be cast at some point. Moreover, since Neil Patrick Harris and others say that Dr. Nkuti Gatwa will be the “sexiest Doctor”, Jack’s inclusion seems like a logical comeback given his characteristics and his history of flirting with the Doctor.

Jack still has character development potential

As an immortal time agent, Jack Harkness still has the potential to develop the character if Russell decides to bring him back. It has been mentioned in the past that Jack has two years of his life that he cannot remember, as a result of the Time Agency erasing his memories before he left. Fans want to see these missing memories in future seasons of Doctor Who.

Being immortal, a character can appear at any time period for any reason. He is also one of the Doctor’s oldest friends, at least in modern TV series, so the potential for him to return and further explore his character certainly exists. He was last seen trying to warn the Doctor about a Lone Cyberman, and soon after, he helped break the Doctor out of a space prison.

Doctor Who Wants to Go the Marvel Way

Russell T. Davis commented that he was “sitting on empire in 2008” and that, in his opinion, the franchise has the potential to become “Marvel-ified”, as many other show franchises have tried to do recently. Doctor Who had two spin-offs at one time, Torchwood and The Adventures of Sarah Jane, so there’s definitely potential to replicate that in the new Davis era.

Captain Jack directed the spin-off series “Torchwood”, which led him to success for four seasons. Since Russell T Davies probably wants to repeat the same plan and have several spin-offs as well as a main show, perhaps he would like to revive Torchwood? Doctor Who is one of the best sci—fi TV shows, with the potential for much more storytelling than a single show.

If Torchwood were to be revived, fans would naturally want Captain Jack back because of the importance of this character to the mythology and overall structure of the series.


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