Doctor Who: Meet the beloved character who could return to the screens soon


There is no doubt that the exploits of the Lord of Time throughout this entire period have earned a worldwide base of fiercely loyal and enthusiastic followers, which is why it is no secret to anyone that fans are always willing to come up with new theories.

After six decades of this Doctor Who history, the show has collected a large number of characters from the past, who are willing to return once more to the screens, with series crossovers and reincarnations. Thanks to the regular collision of the past, present and future, recurring appearances of the characters have been achieved.

However, there are currently a large number of Doctor Who characters that fans would love to see in action again, including Rose, River, and Captain Jack. There’s even a character from the original series whose reappearance seems too intriguing for fans to stop speculating.

It is no secret to anyone that viewers of this franchise yearn to see Susan Foreman (Carole Ann Ford) back on the screens. As we will remember, Susan is the original companion of the First Doctor (William Hartnell) and appears in the first episode, An Unearthly Child, broadcast in November 1963, in addition, she is also the granddaughter of the Doctor.

However, one of the things that attracted the most attention, was when the Doctor abandons his granddaughter, which apparently allows him to live a normal life, but this action left many concerns in the fans.

Fans are fascinated by the idea of ​​Susan’s appearance in future seasons. Viewers even name her as one of the most valued characters, and her return could give this show an even bigger boost, since for years, fans have been asking any showrunner to bring back the Doctor’s granddaughter. , Susan.

Even every time there is a mysterious female character, people automatically start theorizing that it is her. With these fan requests, it’s quite possible that we will see fan favorite Susan Foreman return to our screens in a future season of Doctor Who.