Doctor Strange’s Last Words Confirm Marvel’s True Greatest Hero


Marvel Comics has an almost endless cast of resourceful, dedicated and ruthless heroes, but when they faced their main threat, Doctor Strange identified the one he believes in more than anyone else. Faced with an omnipotent villain, the Archmage, however, placed a bet on one super-strong ally who would come forward.

The Secret Wars were a massive event when Doctor Doom stole the power of the Otherworldly, saved the multiverse, turning its remnants into a single “World of Battle” under his divine control. Doctor Strange, who helped Doom in his quest to save something from the deadly invasions of the Otherworldly, made the most of this new reality, acting as a sheriff in various domains to fulfill Doom’s will and study what was left. Fortunately, Doom was not left to fend for himself indefinitely, as two ships survived the destruction of the main Earth-616 Marvel. One featured a group of villains led by Thanos, and the other featured the last heroes of Earth, including Black Panther, Reed Richards, and Cyclops of the X—Men.

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When Doctor Doom encountered heroes and villains, Doctor Strange magically scattered them around the world of battles, knowing that Doom would kill them. This was a serious betrayal of their partnership, and Strange alone knew that Doom would execute him for it. With nothing to lose, Strange accused Doom of stealing Reed Richards’ family in his new world and accused the “God Emperor” of being afraid of Mr. Fantastic. “Even with all that power, you’re still afraid of him,” Strange claims. “I think you should be.”As expected, he hits the nerve, and Doom kills him right there.

Faced with the greatest heroes and villains of the Marvel universe, Doctor Strange identified Reed Richards as a real threat to a seemingly invincible opponent. Doom ruled the world of battles for many years, and for Mr. Fantastic it was a strange and completely unfamiliar place. Nevertheless, Strange realized that even an apparent god should be afraid of Reed Richards, and he was right.

Despite the fact that his sheer might allowed the God-Emperor Rock to easily crush all the powerful forces that fans considered the strongest in the universe, in the end he could not match Reed Richards’ pure determination and his ability to strategize. Often Mr. Fantastic is obsessed to an unhealthy level, harming his family and work relationships, as well as himself. Nevertheless, it is this stubborn determination and ingenuity that allows him to reach a level of heroic greatness that allows him to beat much higher than his weight class. He succeeded where the Cyclops, endowed with the Power of the Phoenix, the mad Titan Thanos and the Black Panther with the Infinity Gauntlet failed, forcing Doom to find himself in a situation where he can be defeated.

Reed then directed the creation of a new universe in which his former allies were recreated, although not truly resurrected, which means that Dr. Strange’s words of faith in him were the last words of the hero’s fans, which were followed for decades. Doctor Strange correctly predicted who would end the seemingly insurmountable reign of Doctor Doom by choosing Reed Richards as the only Marvel hero who can truly handle any challenge, even in situations where the Archmage himself has been defeated.


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