“Doctor Strange: Autumn Dawn” Challenges the MCU to Get Even Weirder


The Supreme Wizard of Earth, Doctor Strange, embarks on an adventure unlike anything he has encountered before, taking the trippy visuals that fans have experienced in the MCU to a new level. When “Doctor Strange: Autumn Dawn” was announced at San Diego Comic Con 2022 as part of Marvel’s “Next Big Thing” panel, it was described as “the weirdest story you’ve never seen!” and writer and artist Tradd Moore at the helm, it’s a must-deliver. Fans have been waiting for Tradd Moore’s “Doctor Strange” project for a long time, and their hopes are aroused by his recent illustration of the loading screen for Fortnite.

Moore, the author of such creations as “Silver Surfer: Black” (based on the script by Donnie Cates) and “The Strange Talent of Luther Strode” (based on the script by Justin Jordan), became known for his unique visual style. Moore’s style combines the elegant sensuality of graphic design with exquisitely exaggerated figures and a psychedelic approach, perfect for “Doctor Strange”. Given Moore’s track record as an innovative creator, fans shouldn’t expect a run-of-the-mill superhero story. Instead, Marvel teased a story set in a strange new world, with new dangers and unknown threats to contend with.

While it’s unclear where in continuity this story will take place (Strange is currently dead in the mainstream Marvel reality), one thing is for sure: with Tradd Moore on writing and art, it promises to surpass even the trippy, mind-blowing thrills of Multiverse madness. Although this is Moore’s first limited series for Marvel as a screenwriter, he is no stranger to the Marvel universe as an artist, having worked on books such as The All-New Ghost Rider (written by Felipe Smith) and the aforementioned Silver Surfer: Black, which gave the space hero a fan-favorite redesign. So far, all of his work for Marvel has had a unique style and been beautiful, and the Fall Sunrise preview published by Marvel is no less stunning.

If Silver Surfer: Black is the same one–character-oriented character, Moore can come up with something big and status quo-changing for Doctor Strange. In the end, Cates and Moore widely introduced the new villain Knull as their main antagonist in Silver Surfer: Black, who has had serious ramifications since. Knull has become a key character in the Marvel universe, recently he became the main antagonist of a large-scale event The king in black. It is quite possible that with Fall Sunrise, Tradd Moore hopes to introduce such a major player as Knull into the orbit of Doctor Strange. The synopsis of the issue says:

FROM THE MIND OF TRAD MOORE! Doctor Strange wakes up alone in a distant world that does not belong to him. Having lost his goal and surrounded by danger, the wandering sorcerer must explore this land of blades and secrets in order to unravel the hidden secrets and escape the deadly horrors that lie in wait for him! From the fantastic mind of the creator Tradd Moore (SILVER SURFER: BLACK) comes a strange story that you have never seen!

Regardless of whether it represents a new enemy for Doctor Strange to face on the scale of Knull, or simply represents a trivial separate adventure that pays homage to the Supreme Wizard, it’s safe to say that “Doctor Strange: Autumn Dawn” will be a psychedelic delight for comic book fans. , movie fans and newcomers.


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