A Doctor Explains 10 Misconceptions Regarding Coronavirus Correct


As the coronavirus epidemic continues to spread at full speed, a doctor explained the 10 erroneous allegations made about the epidemic. The doctor shared a statement on Twitter for each mistake.

The coronavirus, first seen in China in December 2019, spread to the whole world in a very short time. While all governments and people around the world have taken widespread measures, many false information about the coronavirus is spreading around, just like everything else.

Faheem Younus, Director of Infectious Diseases at the University of Maryland Upper Chesapeake Health, gave information about whether the information we heard about the outbreak is correct or not. Here is the information that Faheem Younus answered the correctness.

Coronavirus will disappear in the summer:
“Wrong. Previous outbreaks did not follow the weather patterns. Also, when we enter summer, there will be winter in the Southern Hemisphere. The virus is global.”

The virus will spread more in the summer due to mosquito bites:
“Wrong. This infection spreads not through blood, but through body fluid. Mosquitoes do not increase spread.”

If you can hold your breath comfortably for 10 seconds, you do not have coronavirus:
“Wrong. Most young patients with coronavirus will be able to hold their breath for more than 10 seconds. Also, many older people who do not have the virus will not be able to hold their breath for 10 seconds.”

If there is no COVID-19 test, let’s donate blood. Blood bank conducts the COVID-19 test:
“This trial will fail because no blood bank has tested a coronavirus. Blood donation is a sacred move; let’s make sure we’re motivated for the right reasons.”

The coronavirus lives in the throat. So if we drink too much water, the virus will then land on the stomach, where it will be killed by acid:
“The virus can enter through the throat but penetrate into the host cells. You cannot remove the virus with water. Excessive water will take you to the toilet.”

All this social distance event is overreacting. The virus will not do much harm:
“If we don’t see too much infection (I hope), it will be a sign that social distance works. It doesn’t mean that the virus is never very important.”

Car accidents kill 30,000 people every year. What is the difference of COVID-19?
“Car accidents are not contagious, death rates do not double every three days, do not cause collective panic.”

Hand sanitizers are better than soap and water:
“Wrong. Soap and water kill the virus and remove it from our skin (it can’t penetrate skin cells); it also removes dirt on the hands. Don’t worry if Purrell (a disinfectant brand) has run out in your market.”

One of the best strategies to prevent COVID-19 is to clean every door handle in the house with disinfectants:
“Wrong. Washing the hand and maintaining a distance of about 2 meters is the best method. If you are not looking for a COVID-19 patient at home, the surfaces in the house are not a big risk.”

COVID-19 was deliberately spread by the US or Chinese army (depending on your policy):


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