Doctor Disrespect responds to fans of Doctor Halloween costumes: “Lamborghini accident?”


The Doctober cosplay contest from Dr Disrespect returned for Halloween 2022, and after seeing some of the submitted works, he was amazed again.

The YouTube streamer has been holding its annual contest since the old days on Twitch, before it was banned in the summer of 2020. For example, in 2019, the pug was even depicted in the costume of the best video gamer in the world.

This year, two-time winners of the Halloween costume contest in the Doctoral Program will have the opportunity to play with him.

One photo champion will be crowned, as well as a video champion, which will give community members the opportunity to dress like him for one day.

Here are the Doctober rules for Halloween 2022.

Doctor Disrespect Checks out the Doctor’s Halloween Costumes
When thousands of applications poured into the arena on Halloween, October 31, Dr Disrespect decided to broadcast several honorable mentions on its channel.

During the live broadcast , he said: “Here are all the runners-up… or those whom we should celebrate for participating and showing real passion. Then we will get into the top 10.”

It didn’t take long for the streamer to dive into some honorable mentions before he noticed Doc’s terrible-looking game. His face was covered in blood, but a user under the nickname AgoniaPG on Twitter said: “I think this is my best Halloween costume,” noting his idol.

Several other participants were shown on the stream, one of whom was holding a glass of liquor and some kind of gun. Another was spotted with lots of Game Fuel boxes with Doc’s taste and his wares.

There was even time for the autobiography of Dr Disrespect by user Mark Amezquita.

Rereading the NYTimes bestseller. p. 29 definitely unites the whole story.

Lucas Thorne, who presented a three-sided image of ZLaner, Dr Disrespect and TimTheTatman, became the champion for the content of the 2022 Doctober Halloween costumes.

They said: “When you enter the arena, it’s a reality check.”


— A-lex661 (@a_lex661) October 31, 2022
The winner among the submitted videos was SamuraiStyleTV, who posted a 52-second clip on Twitter.

They said: “Do you think you have everything you need?!”

Both members of the Champions Club will receive a pair of signed Doc points, a merch package and the opportunity to play in a duet with Dr Disrespect.

Those who took between 2nd and 10th places in each category will also receive a mystery package for this Halloween.


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