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Netflix launched in early October the drama and horror series The Curse of Bly Mansion, being a sort of 2nd season of the hit The Curse of Hill Residence, with much of the cast returning to the series, but bringing a whole new and independent story .

Now, the streaming service has released a mini-documentary explaining a little about the universe created for the series and the different way that the program addresses the subgenre of ghosts, bringing some clichés, however, with a narrative construction that makes the series unique.

The video explains about some of the main elements of the plot, such as the mansion, the scary children, the dolls – both those of Flora’s dollhouse and those who walk around the mansion -, and the use of black and white photography, used in the eighth episode of the series, telling the story of the “Lady in White”, which is the basis of the whole history of hauntings present in the mansion.

Watch the video:

Mike Flanagan, creator of the series, commented that he intended to create the ghosts of The Curse of Bly Mansion in a totally different way from The Curse of Hill Residence, which brought a horror story closer to other works of the genre. “Nothing is more boring than a normal ghost,” said Flanagan.

Thus, he sought to transform the ghosts of the series into something more “alive”, wrapped in emotions and personifying the haunts individually for the characters of the series, who carry a feeling of guilt for past traumas.

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