Do you want to send your name to Mars?


Although, for now, no one can buy an alien land, several space missions undertaken by agencies here on Earth are gradually leaving their marks on the Red Planet – and now, anyone who wishes will have the opportunity to add their own credentials to of another 10.9 million people who have landed there. That’s because NASA reopened the “Send your name to Mars” website.

Up to the time of closing this article, the portal registered more than 11 million reservations, of which more than 500 thousand belong to Brazilians. On the home screen, just enter your first and last name, select your country of origin, enter your zip code and register an email address. It is free, and the information should be sent in 2026.

One more chance!

The initiative is similar to the one opened in 2019, responsible for the collection of 10.9 million names, all inserted in three microchips on a Perseverance board, which has been sending its news about the adventure that “lives” in unknown territory.

“For those who missed the chance to fly with their names on Perseverance, we want to give them the chance to participate in a future mission to Mars”, indicates the agency, which even provides a personalized boarding pass for each “passenger”. So, ready to board?


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