Do you need a new console but you have a low budget?


Haven’t bought your console? The new generation is the perfect pretext to do it. If you have not yet bought your dream console, the arrival of the new generation is the perfect pretext to do so, we tell you why.

When the launch of new consoles on the market is officially announced, a very interesting phenomenon happens that you can take advantage of. And it is that with all the hype of innovations, technology and what is to come, many stop paying attention to the current generation that, right at that moment, can be found at more accessible prices.

We share five reasons for you to take advantage of this opportunity and buy the console you want so much:

  • There is a large number of accessories at a more accessible price.
  • You have at your disposal a wide catalog of incredible games.
  • Today’s console technology is still impressive!
  • If you like to play online, you are more likely to find more players on the current platform than the new one.
  • You will allow time for the new consoles to detect and patch potential operational opportunities.

Tips to buy your console

By now, you probably already know the technical specifications of the current generation of consoles well, we do not need to repeat them; However, what we can do is share recommendations for you to get your console at a fairly reasonable price.

Search bundles

Packages that include, in addition to the console, one or more games in digital format are known as bundles. It is a great opportunity if you do not have what to release it with. The best thing is that you can find these packages on both Xbox and PlayStation.


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