Do you miss the LABOUM? Recent actions of Soen, Jeanie, Hein and Solbin


Although LABOUM did not break up, the band officially announced their indefinite hiatus back in September of this year so that the members could focus on their individual activities and projects. Before the hiatus, which was also engulfed by rumors of disbandment, LABOUM’s last release was their winter digital single “White Love“, released in December 2021.

The band was reportedly scheduled to release a new album in April 2022. However, this never happened. Since then, the remaining LABOUM members, Soen, Jeanie, Hein and Solbin, have instead focused on their activities. But if you miss LABOUM, find out what the participants were doing these days!

Recent actions of LABOUM participants

1. Soen

Since the band’s last release almost a year ago, Soen has auditioned to become a member of the project supergroup WSG Wannabe, the female counterpart of MSG Wannabe, formed as part of the reality show Hangout With Yoo. After passing the show, Soen became a member of WSG Wannabe and its Gaya-G division in May 2022. Soen officially debuted in the group in July of this year.

In addition to working with WSG Wannabe, Soen voiced the original soundtrack “Starlight” for the drama “If You Wish Me”.

2. Jinya

Jinya, who was previously known as ZN before changing her name last October, appeared as a guest in episodes 128 and 129 of Hangout With Yoo this year. Her appearance on the show led to LABOUM’s 2016 release “Journey to Atlantis” hitting the charts again and achieving success.

She also became the main host of the tvN show “Legend has Risen”. Soen also appeared on MBC Every1’s First Love, Again as one of the main presenters. In addition to performing on the air, Soen also runs his own Youtube channel, where he shares his daily life.

3. Hein

This year, Haein appeared as a guest on MBC every1’s South Korean Foreigners show along with contestant Solbin. This year she also appeared as a guest on the shows Spend to Survive, Kim Goo Ra’s Latte 9 and Listen Up.

4. Solbin

And finally, Solbin also actively participated in the broadcasts. After the latest release of LABOUM, Solbin received the main role in the web drama “Brain, your choice of romance” in 2022. She also became the main host of the show “Legend has Risen” along with LABOUM member Ginia, Cho Se Ho and Kwak Yun. Gee.

In addition, she appeared in other shows on which she appeared: “The Best Recipe of the Stars” in Fun-staurant, “South Korean Foreigners”, and also until this year she was the host of the show “Saturday Night Live Korea” (SNL).


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