Do you know what oil they use in mechanical workshops?


Welcome to our Tips for Drivers guide, where you will find tips and advice to drive safer on the road. Having a mechanic who does a good job, who you can trust and who is honest is difficult to find, but it is important that you look for him and keep your car always in good condition.

Reliable mechanic or mechanic workshops are essential for car maintenance.

But you know there are offers that they make that should make you think what material is being used. Mainly in the oil changes.

Do you know what oil they use in mechanical workshops?
The brands of lubricating oils that you can find in the market, synthetic or mineral, depending on their application are too many. The truth is that it would be almost impossible for a mechanic shop to have all types of oil for all types of engines.

However, mechanics always have a type of motor oil on hand that can be used for most cars and of course, if they require a specific fluid, they can request it.

Most auto shops have contact with auto parts stores that deliver the product they require only minutes after they order it.

Motor oil is to a car like blood to a human body and is key to a car engine having a long and full life.

For this and many other things, it is advisable to use quality oils, oils that guarantee good lubrication, that give you reliability, longevity and the necessary protection for your engine.


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