Do you have multiple profiles on Instagram?


There is no doubt that Instagram is one of the most popular and used social networks in much of the world. So much so, that there are many people who have turned the social network into their own work after getting hundreds of thousands and even millions of followers. That is why many brands seek the figure of this type of people to advertise on the social network.

This means that many people live literally glued to the mobile and particularly to Instagram. There are even people who have or control several profiles on the social network. The truth is that the app itself does not favor this option, hence we bring you a simple and useful solution to manage one or more profiles in a comfortable and simple way from the computer.

Manage different Instagram profiles comfortably with Grids

Instagram allows the possibility of managing our profile from the app itself or even from the web version in the browser, however, the truth is that when we are in front of the computer, there are many options that we can miss.

Therefore, it is best to use a tool like Grids, a desktop client that allows us to have all the Instagram options and functions at hand from the computer screen. But that’s not all, since it adds certain interesting functions such as being able to manage several accounts on the social network.

The application is available for Windows and macOS X and its download is completely free, something we can do directly from the following link to the official website of Grids. Once downloaded and installed, all we have to do to start using it is to log in with the username and password of our account.

We will see that we can navigate through Instagram just as we do from the app on our phone. It allows you to view photos and publications of our friends, see their chronology, explore tags, save publications, create bookmarks, etc. But without a doubt, one of the great functions of Grids is to be able to log in with several different Instagram accounts, something very useful for those who have different profiles on the social network or manage different accounts.

It is as simple as going to the Account menu and selecting the Add Account option. There we must indicate the login of that profile and we will have everything ready to use as many accounts as we want. Needless to say, it also allows us to chat with our friends. Without a doubt, a great option to manage different Instagram accounts from the same site quickly and very comfortably.


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