Do you agree? Adele asks for removal of random mode on albums page on Spotify


Anyone following musical releases should already know that, last Friday (19), Adele released her latest work, entitled “30” with availability in the main audio streaming services present in the market today.

However, availability on Spotify had a request that was at least curious and that certainly left some users annoyed and curious about the motivation behind this peculiarity: the removal of the random mode on the artist’s album pages on the platform.

According to the artist herself, the removal of random mode was a request that aimed to deliver to her fans the experience that the album seeks, with the chronology of the tracks being important for the logic of the whole, that is, there is an artistic motivation in the order of the songs and Adele wanted this to be kept.

As expected, Spotify has complied with the artist’s request and removed the option and fans on that platform are unable to view tracks outside of the order determined by the artist.

For now, there is no information on the adherence of other audio platforms to the standard requested by Adele, but this is really a curious moment and it could become a trend, considering that the creation of CDs with chronology for, for example, storytelling (such as Green Day in American Idiot).

So, what did you think of the idea of ​​removing the random mode in the album area requested by Adele? Do you agree or do you think it’s unnecessary? Tell us in the comments!