“Do not wear a mask” recommendation from the US doctor


The common recommendation of all experts for the Corona virus is “wear a mask”. This virus, which we encounter worldwide, has infected about 21 million people and still continues to spread without slowing down. At this point, the biggest precaution people should take is to comply with social distance rules and wear a mask, especially if crowded environments are compulsory. US White House Health Consultant Dr. Anthony Fauci surprised with his explanation. Here is Dr. Fauci’s suggestion not to wear a game changer:

Do not wear a groundbreaking mask recommendation

US Doctor Anthony Fauci, a director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and also a health advisor to the White House, answered the questions in an interview he attended via Zoom. While talking about the measures against the corona virus, the stages passed and especially the corona virus report of the USA, the mask proposal made attracted attention.

While the criticism about the increase in the number of cases in a short time in the USA and the lack of precautions continued, Dr. Anthony Fauci said that it would not be a problem to remove the mask while doing any outdoor activity, in non-crowded environments or when you are sure that the person you are with is not infected. Nevertheless, he says, especially if you are going to be with someone you do not know, do not skip wearing the mask.

Many people no longer keep the mask on their face while they are outside. People who put on their neck, arms or pockets may sometimes not wear their masks even when they enter crowded environments. Dr. Although Anthony Fauci’s suggestion to wear a mask is a realistic approach, it can still become dangerous due to some misinterpretation.


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