Do bachelorette parties stay friends after the show?


20 single men fought for the heart of this year’s bachelor Sharon Baptiste (30). But only one candidate was allowed to take the last rose home. During the show, the guys not only got to know the actress better, but also spent a lot of time together. Some of the participants seem to still keep in touch after filming. Have real friendships started on the show?

Promiflash performed at an event for the two-year-old brand nelipies with some of the participants of the bachelorette party of the 2022 season. Among other things, finalist Lukas Baltrushat attended the event together with other candidates. “It’s definitely a bond that you have with each other because this time shapes you together and you can only understand it if you’ve been there yourself,” the personal trainer said. Hannes Munzer (24) and Dominik Hentschel also appeared together at the event. “Unfortunately, we didn’t find love, but we definitely became friends,” Hannes said. “We’ve already met so many times and had a fun weekend!”

Alexandros Chouliaras (28) failed to score with Sharon, but apparently with Steffen Vogeno. “It was definitely a great time. It also led to a great friendship, for example, with Steffen,” the entrepreneur says enthusiastically. “I can only sign this. I took a lot with me from this trip,” Steffen confirmed. Now the duo even have a joint account in TikTok.


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