DLC for the lawn mower simulator is closest to the game “Jurassic Park”


The Dino Safari add-on for the lawn mower simulator has been released on PlayStation and allows any player to take care of the grass and avoid dinosaurs like a worker in Jurassic Park. A unique indie game developed by Curve Digital allows gamers to mow virtual lawns and cut down digital weeds for their pleasure. Projects such as the real crime game “Autopsy Simulator” allow players to feel like real professionals, and now the “Lawn Mower Simulator” will make the care of prehistoric lawns a reality.

Simulation games are a great way to try yourself in real professions without doing a specific profession. A popular example of this genre is Microsoft Flight Simulator, which allows players to enter a realistic airplane cockpit and dive into the clouds. Thanks to satellite technology, the simulation allows players to fly around the world and learn realistic flight mechanics even without a pilot’s license. Other simulation games, such as Surgeon Simulator, pursue similar goals, although they may use complex or clunky mechanics to make the gameplay more fun or exciting. For example, adding a Pelican from Halo to Microsoft Flight Simulator turns an immersive experience into a sci-fi adventure.

In a tweet from PlayStation, it is reported that Safari DLC for the lawn mower simulator, which allows players to take care of lawns among huge extinct creatures, is now available in the PlayStation Store. As the name suggests, the lawn mower simulator allows players to create and manage their own virtual lawn care business. An exciting expansion Dino Safari adds four new locations to the players, each of which is inhabited by different dinosaurs. Tyrannosaurus pens, Cretaceous Canyon, Lizard Enclosure and Herbivore Valley provide players with a prehistoric environment in which they can enjoy mowing grass and uprooting weeds. The Dino Safari add-on for the Simualtor lawn mower was first released on PC and Xbox consoles in March.

The Dino Safari DLC setting for the lawn mower simulator is quite familiar, and many official Jurassic Park games have been released over the years. The multi-year franchise tells about ancient dinosaurs transported to the modern world with the help of genetic experiments and cloning technologies. The exciting premise of the series is well suited for survival horror and shooter games such as Jurassic World Aftermath and Jurassic Park Arcade. However, games like Jurassic World Evolution bring uniqueness to the series, allowing players to create and manage their own dinosaur theme park. Now the lawn mower simulator allows gamers to mow grass in a prehistoric nature reserve.

Lawn Mowing Simulator is an unusual and very funny game, and Dino Safari DLC adds a bit of prehistoric horror to the game. The four new expansion cards are truly unique, and PlayStation players can now experience them for themselves. Although these ancient creatures seem harmless, fans of Jurassic Park know that you can not lose vigilance next to a dinosaur.