DJI Pocket 2 introduced: Here are the new features!


Announcing the introduction date on its website, DJI introduced the new DJI Pocket 2 model with its highly anticipated event. The device draws attention with its tiny structure and its 64 Megapixel camera. Here are the DJI Pocket 2 features and innovations:

DJI Pocket 2 features and remarkable details

DJI, which attracts attention with its popular and professionally produced products, introduced the vlog camera that can be easily held in the hand and provides a stable image. This device, which comes out with its elevated features, has more microphones and offers a much more functional use thanks to its new modular design. To remind you, DJI made a big impact with the Osmo Pocket model.

DJI signed Pocket 2, which is identical in design to the previous model, offers built-in Wi-Fi connectivity. Additional equipment had to be purchased for this feature, which was not found in the previous model. The company, which attracts attention with its small size devices, now calls out to its enthusiasts with its Pocket 2 model. Using a much larger sensor, it becomes possible to take better quality photos and videos.


Let’s get to his camera. With its 64 Megapixel main camera, it especially attracts professionals who shoot professionally. There is a significant increase in low light performance thanks to the new sensors that provide an increase in performance in more detailed shots. The 64 Megapixel main camera offers users the option of digital zooming up to 8 times. At 16 Megapixels and Full HD resolution, users still have the opportunity to zoom 4 times without loss.

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There is currently no HDR video support on the device, but it is expected to arrive soon. There are four microphones on the device, which is also the scene of improvements on the sound side.

Another issue that everyone is curious about is how much use it offers with a full battery. The camera allows recording or shooting for 140 minutes with a fully charged battery. The new model comes with a price tag of $ 349. The price of the product, whose sales will begin on November 1, is increasing with its accessories. Those who choose to buy with a tripod and external microphone have to pay $ 499.


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