DJI Officially Announces Osmo Mobile 4


DJI, one of the first companies to come to mind when it comes to drones, will expand its motorized smartphone video stabilizer series with its newly announced Osmo Mobile 4.

DJI is undoubtedly one of the most important actors of the drone market, whose use has been growing day by day. The company not only produces drones, but also develops many by-products and accessories especially focused on mobile shooting. Osmo Mobile 4 was the last accessory announced by DJI.

Osmo Mobile 4, a motorized smartphone video stabilizer, is not much different from the previous generation in terms of design, but with features such as a new magnetic connection, it provides ease of use and works faster.

Quick switch between capture and spelling

Although the design of the OM4 is almost the same as the previous generation, its installation and disassembly is much faster thanks to the magnetic connection. One of the magnetic connections wraps around the phone while the other is attached to the back. Thus, it is possible to achieve better balance with one hand.

In addition to looks, the new OM4 also retains the key sequence and 15-hour battery from the previous generation. Thanks to this battery, our phone remains full. There is a USB-C port for connection.

According to DJI’s statement, the OM4, which is slightly smaller and lighter than the Osmo Mobile 3, will have more advanced engines. It is worth remembering that the previous version did not have problems with relatively heavy smartphones.

Osmo Mobile 4 new features

When we look at the software front, we see that DJI has added some new features to the device and improved some features. These changes are as follows:

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The feature previously called dolly zoom has been updated to dynamic zoom. The zoom quality of this feature is increased according to the walking direction.
Thanks to the feature called Spin Shot Gimbal Movement, the device rotates the camera to create a funny spin effect.
Clone Me Panorama feature allows you to copy yourself or your friends over and over in a panorama shot.
DJI launched the OM4 today, starting at $ 149. In the box of the new product, there are many additional accessories such as magnetic ring, magnetic clip, carrying bag.


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