DJI Mini 2 Development That Pleases For Battery Problem


DJI Mini 2 is facing the battery problem. The DJI has disclosed the claims of the battery problem that has been discharged for a drone last year. The Chinese Drone Devi reported that the software correction is on the way to the solution of the problem in DJI Mini 2.

DJI Mini 2 Faced with battery problem

The battery problem in Drone appeared in a Youtube video published at the beginning of this week. The Youtuber published the video claimed that the batteries of DJI Mini 2 have a problem that may damage the health of the device in the long term.

The problem is located in the Lipo (Lithium Polymer) batteries used by DJI Mini 2. It is very common in these battery technology, when the battery reaches full charge capacity slowly. This situation provides the lifetime of the battery in prolonged use. The intelligent flight batteries of DJI are normally to have this system. However, many users suggest that the company has not activated this feature in the model of DJI 2 2.

A spokesman employee in the company DJI is in the statement about this issue, “Our team is doing new studies on the battery, drone and charging. In recent times, our technical team of the battery problem in which users are given feedback is intensive work. When drone is not in use, a device software update will be started soon, “he said.

The battery problem is only included in the Mini 2 Drone

The DJI team qualifies the automatic discharge problem in the batteries as “quite a small problem for users”. As a result, it is a problem that the device is not something that affects the safety in the flight and that most DJI Mini 2users never differ at all.

The battery problem indicated that the DJI team will solve this with the root of the DJI because it will lead to large problems in the long term for the devices. In addition, this problem is not included in other DJI devices such as New DJI Air 2S. The Middle-class Air 2S version is using a completely different battery from DJI Mini 2. Therefore, the battery problem is only on Mini 2.


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