DJI FPV: leaked the contents of the racing drone box


Drones are for many a fun, a way to pass the time. It is also workable thanks to the fact that with them you can take aerial shots in a simple way, even for a short space of time. But one of the trends that is gaining more followers is that of manufacturing a racing drone and it seems that this is being attended by large companies. One of these cases is the new DJI FPV, of which the contents of its box have already been leaked before its presentation.

DJI’s first racing drone

DJI is one of the most popular electronics firms for drone lovers. Until now, the company had put devices of all kinds, larger or smaller, at the service of users in order to cover the need to take photos from the air or even record high-quality videos. But the firm had left one sector uncovered: drones ready to run. From here comes the DJI FPV model.

Through a leak in the YouTube video that we leave below, the content of the brand’s new racing drone has been seen. At first glance, the design breaks with everything the company has offered us to date. In addition, its front camera, which is the great novelty, not only serves to take pictures, but also to broadcast content in real time with the highest possible quality.

This is what the acronym FPV, or First Person View used for racing drones, mean. Their use is important because of the low latency they have and they are as good as the camera allows. This means that they are able to send an image to the driver’s glasses in real time to make fast and accurate decisions.

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And now that we talk about the driver we have to talk about the new glasses that the boxcopter brings. The DJI FPV brings a visor with a technological design to which several antennas are attached. It has several buttons to control vision or image mode. How could it be otherwise, the company also incorporates a drone control knob where you could place a smartphone and see more parameters of it.

Outstanding Specifications

Now that the contents of the DJI FPV box are known, the details of the device remain pending. However, for that we will have to wait for the company itself to offer all the official data of the drone.


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