DJI FPV appears in video out of the box


DJI is about to launch another launch focusing on the drone market. This time, the model to be presented is the FPV, where the main differential is the fact of offering the pilot a first-person view, creating an interesting differential in the use experience, especially for those who are already more professional in the use of this type of equipment. piloting object.

Recently the device was featured in a 10-minute video, in which the complete unboxing was done and several details regarding the construction, as well as the contents of the packaging were displayed, making the announcement just the officialization of what is already being done. shown.

The publication was originally made by Dominion Drones, but ended up being reposted on the SpiderMonkey FPV channel, where, in addition to the removal of the box, details about the improvements implemented in the drone were reported, showing that the new FPV (First Person View) product will be even better.

Among the novelties, there is the new camera position for filming in first person, which is located at the top, together with sensors that are at the front and bottom to better detect any obstacle that comes along the way.

The control has a better grip, making the riding experience even better, in addition to the glasses having undergone an improvement in the weight part making them lighter than the previous ones, where the use for a long period ended being uncomfortable.

It is worth remembering that, a few days after the first leak in December, the device and all the items included in the kit went through the FCC certification process, showing that it should not be long before the manufacturer makes the announcement of the new DJI FPV drone.

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