DJI Announces 4K Camera for Vloggers


DJI, which has announced its name to the whole world through drones, announced its new camera DJI Pocket 2, which puts vloggers in the focus. In addition to being compact, the camera drew attention with its features.

DJI, the brand that usually comes up with its drones, announced its new camera, DJI Pocket 2, which can be extremely useful for vloggers. The release date and price of the camera, which is an update to the old camera series and comes with an improved camera, more microphones and new modular design, have also been announced.

Although the design of DJI Pocket 2 is quite similar to DJI’s previous camera, Osmo Pocket, we can say that Pocket 2’s interior has been completely renewed. The camera has been renewed with a 1 / 1.7-inch image sensor, and also provides 20mm FOV and an aperture of / 1.8. Although the maximum resolution option of 60 frames per second 4K resolution has not changed, it is also stated that the new HDR option will be added to the camera in the near future.

Not only the image but also the sound has changed

Knowing that the sound is as important as the camera for vlogists, DJI did not neglect to improve the sound recording features of its camera. Pocket 2 came with twice as many microphones than its original camera and offered 4 microphones to its users.

The new microphone array can adjust the recorded sound according to the direction the camera is facing, as well as focus the sound as the camera zooms. In other words, the sensitivity of the microphones changes automatically with the zoom. Although DJI may seem sufficient in terms of microphone, users are also offered the option of using an external microphone.

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When we return to the camera features, the zoom features also attract attention. While the camera can zoom up to 8 times in 64 MP mode, according to DJI’s explanations, it can be ‘lossless’ zoom up to 4 times in 16 MP or 1080p mode. In addition to all of these, DJI stated that features such as Drop Aware to provide protection in the event of a fall and Fast Wake for faster opening of the camera.

Price and release date

DJI’s camera, which offers vloggers a lot of convenience, is available for sale starting at $ 349. Of course, as we mentioned at the beginning of our article, the camera is quite modular and for those who want to buy the package with all accessories, this price goes up to $ 499. The camera is known to be available on November 1.


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