DJ Khaled and Drake on “Popstars” with Justin Bieber


The two artists released their latest collaboration called “Popstars”. This fast-paced song is accompanied by a music video starring none other than Justin Bieber.

DJ Khaled and Drake show a sense of humor. Over a month ago, the artists made their comeback with the release of two unreleased tracks, “Greece” and “Popstars”. For this last song, they just shared the clip, to say the least delirious. The video begins with DJ Khaled who keeps calling for Drake.

Through several videos, the artist is urging Drake to release a “Popstars” music video. Faced with all this excitement, the Canadian does not know how to react: “I cannot make a video, I cannot even record my own album in peace, I cannot leave the country!”, He explains. After a few minutes of thought, he finally finds a solution. Drake is going to call in a compatriot.

Justin Bieber takes Drake’s place in “Popstars”

In a huge house, Justin Bieber emerges. After having spent a hectic evening, he wanders in the corridors accompanied by his bodyguard. Arrived at the living room, he is ready to celebrate again. Throughout the video, the singer connects the “bling bling” sequences, like a real popstar.

Several winks between the artists are placed, such as the appearance of their manager Scooter Braun or that of Hailey Bieber. The latter appears at the end of the video, when Justin Bieber wakes up from a “bad dream” he had. For the music video for “Popstars”, Drake and DJ Khaled once again outdid themselves. Just two hours after the clip was released, it has been viewed over 452,000 times on Youtube.

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