DJ Erick Morillo (I like to move it) died at the age of 49


DJ Erick Morillo died on Tuesday, September 1 at the age of 49. The one to whom we owe the hit I Like To Move It was found lifeless on Miami Beach.

Clubbers around the world are in mourning. This Tuesday, September 1, a figure from the nightlife world breathed its last. According to information from TMZ in fact, DJ Erick Morillo died at the age of 49. His body was reportedly found lifeless on Miami Beach shortly before 11 a.m. Investigators are currently at the scene trying to shed light on the circumstances of his death, said Ernesto Rodriguez, Miami Beach’s public information official. For the moment, the causes of Erick Morillo’s death are not yet known but an autopsy should be performed in the coming days. Earlier last month, the world-famous DJ was arrested after he was charged with sexually assaulting a woman in December at his home on La Gorce Drive. He denied the charges against him but then went with his lawyer after the publication of the results of a rape kit that incriminated him.

According to his accuser, Erick Morillo would have offered him and another woman to come to his house at the end of a private party. After refusing sexual advances from the DJ, she claims to have been drugged and then went to a bedroom to sleep. She then explained “waking up naked on the bed, with Mr. Morillo standing on the side of the bed, also naked”, according to a police report. The alleged victim told detectives that Erick Morillo “made several advances towards her, some of a sexual nature, but she refused all his attempts,” according to the arrest report. The Colombian-American DJ initially denied the allegations against him, but the results of a rape kit that returned tested positive for his DNA. He then surrendered to the authorities.

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Internationally known for his important work in house music with the Stricly Rhythm label, Erick Morillo produced his biggest hit in the 90s with the electro-dance track “I Like to Move It” which he released as the stage name Reel 2 Real. He then created his own label, Subliminal Records, which became a real breeding ground for electro talent. During his career, he won three times the award for best house DJ at the DJ Awards and three times the award for best international DJ. He has produced music under several names including Ministers De la Funk, The Dronez, RAW, Smooth Touch, RBM, Deep Soul, Club Ultimate and Lil ‘Mo Ying Yang. The founder of Pacha New York has also signed many remixes for pop icons such as Whitney Houston or Madonna. Since the 1990s, he had scoured nightclubs around the world to make partygoers dance.


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