DIY: the most delusional crafting in video games


We review the crafting that has always accompanied us in the video game world. Small and large constructions that made the difference.

The construction of objects, or better known as crafting, accompanies us more and more in the world of video games. In fact, this system is the fundamental pillar of practically all survival in recent years, so we have crafting for a while, even with an educational vocation.

At Meristation we wanted to pay tribute to all the little hands of the world and bring you the most delirious creations in video games. Let’s do it! One of the most popular cases where they use crafting is Age of Empires due to the need to create buildings and troops based on raw material. However, everything has changed this last decade with the arrival of, especially, Minecraft.

We don’t take the risk of saying that he is the most influential, but let us say that he has been a great inspiration for other survival games after him. Its main attraction was that the only limit was you, and not so, because little by little more and more mods were added with which to expand our adventure.

Leaving the mods aside, Minecraft had in its first versions two objects that were somewhat unknown as well as useless. The first of these is a bolt of fire that was only useful as a trap against enemies.

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