DIY: player creates manuals for his Switch games


DIY: In the past, it was common to buy games and find, in addition to the game, some extras such as maps, a poster and, one of the most important extras, manuals. Whether for the environmental issue or to streamline development processes, these items were falling out of favor, but a player decided to change this scenario in his collection of games for Switch.

The player in question is responsible for the Aurumonado channel on YouTube and showed his creation of a manual for Super Mario Odyssey in a video. As the Switch does not have this type of insert, he himself ended up doing the calculations to see the size that would be ideal to be housed inside the box.

Take a look at the following result:

“A new manual with all the inserts is part of the joy of collecting physical copies of games. As I continue to collect more and more Switch games, I was disappointed that almost everyone did not bring any kind of booklet. I’m talking about a complete manual, not those one-page papers that we found at the time of the Wii U ”, says the player in the video description.

So, did you like the result? Did you enjoy collecting game manuals in past generations? Leave your opinion in the space below for comments.


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