Diwali Festival may increase covid-19 cases in India


The traditional Diwali festival, celebrated annually in India, should have a very different edition in 2020. Fearing an increase in the number of daily cases of covid-19 in the country, the local authorities recommended that the population not leave home on Saturday (14), opting for a “digital celebration”.

Considered the most important date of the year for a large part of the Indian population, the festival of lights, as the event is also known, is characterized by the meeting of crowds on the streets, families gathered at home, many bonfires lit and huge amounts of fireworks. firework bursting in the air.

But with the pandemic of the new coronavirus, preparations for the party were in the background, especially in New Delhi, where the number of infected people has grown considerably. Last Wednesday (11), 8,600 new cases were registered, the highest mark since the beginning of the crisis, leaving the intensive care units (ICU) in the region almost full.

And to make matters worse, the level of pollution in the capital of India reached alarming levels this week, according to The Guardian, with a thick cloud of toxic smoke covering the city, which has more than 21 million inhabitants.

“Super disseminating event”

Despite the recent record in New Delhi, the number of new covid-19 cases in India has declined in the last month overall. It is worth remembering that the country is the second in number of infected, totaling 8.73 million records (the United States is the first, with more than 10 million).

But that can change with Diwali festivities. According to health experts, the party can become an over-disseminating event of the new coronavirus, if the population does not follow the recommendations to avoid crowds in temples, houses and streets.


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