Divorce from Tom? Gisele Bundchen appeared without an engagement ring!


Gisele Bundchen (42) continues to fuel the rumor mill! Speculation about the marriage of a top model has been going on for several weeks. The relationship with her husband Tom Brady (45) must end — even a divorce is brewing. Neither the Brazilian nor the football star has commented on the headlines yet. But the beauty now, apparently, sets an example: Giselle was photographed without an engagement ring on her finger…

The latest images obtained by TMZ Sports show the former Victoria’s Secret angel in Miami on Monday. There, a 42-year-old woman visited the gym and apparently left her wedding ring at home. Because the mother of two children did not have a golden corolla on her finger. Did Giselle deliberately abandon the symbol of her marriage because her relationship ended?

What exactly provoked the couple’s family crisis is still unknown. However, according to the insider, neither of them cheated on the other. “Tom and Giselle have been struggling to keep their marriage together lately and have split up!” the source explained. In addition, they have been living separately since the summer.


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