Divinity causes a new discussion in the Destiny community


The Destiny 2 heist season came along with a new legacy raid from Destiny, which turned out to be King’s Fall after Bungie promised to bring back one of the main raids from the first game, thus eliminating Crota’s End by default. With King’s Fall, Bungie also ran a typical World First race, which is a competition that allows all Destiny 2 players to participate in an event where the fastest team to complete a new raid in competition mode is chosen as the winner. The world’s first race is usually a tense competition, and the last three times it was held, it was won by the Elysium clan, and the popular Destiny 2 streamer Saltagreppo was at the top of his game.

Saltagreppo recently shared on Twitter his thoughts on the world’s first race and, in particular, what it takes to win in terms of equipment and abilities. In a tweet, Saltagreppo explains why, in his opinion, Destiny 2 needs to get excited about Divinity, an exotic rifle that was introduced in the Shadowkeep supplement and has been a staple of any Raid battle group ever since. This is mainly due to the fact that the weapon weakens targets, increasing the damage received by 30 percent, and also creates a large critical hit bubble on them, which allows players not to aim directly at the critical points of the target. The tweet has caused huge controversy in the Destiny 2 community, and there are various reasons why this is happening.

Why the exotic Divinity 2 in Destiny 2 is causing controversy on Twitter

The main reason why Divinity is at the center of the storm, and subsequently Saltagreppo because of his tweet, is that he is solely responsible for the fact that many teams successfully complete meetings with raid bosses. This does not mean that divinity is the only necessary ingredient for this recipe, but it makes everything else popular. Weakening bosses by 30% more damage received is impressive in itself, especially when you consider that other Destiny 2 debuffs do not give the same result.

However, the main reason for Saltagreppo’s Divinity weakening seems to be the critical strike bubble, which, according to the streamer, does not require any aiming skills, which makes Destiny 2’s meta and environment unhealthy. According to Saltagreppo, this eliminates the skill gap between players when it comes to aiming and dealing their team the maximum possible damage per second and total damage. While this is true, there are other side effects of weakening the critical Divinity bubble, and this is something to consider when publicly calling for weakening, especially when the one doing it has an influential voice.

In fact, Divinity is one of the very few auxiliary weapons in Destiny 2, and it helps a lot of players with disabilities or other Guardians with various accessibility issues. Having this big critical hit bubble is extremely useful for those who struggle with movement or use their hands too much while playing, which can cause pain in some cases or completely deprive them of the opportunity to play in others. Thus, the goal argument should serve the entire community, even if changes are made to how Divinity works to improve the game as a whole.

According to Saltagreppo, the discussion is also mostly centered around the fact that the current Destiny 2 meta is boring, as some weapons are of little use due to the existence of Divinity. Weakening Divinity to the point where other options become better than this exotic means that players will find the next best thing to use and replace Divinity, rather than creating more variety. Thus, many fans suggest Bungie to create more alternatives for Exotics, rather than completely faking it, especially if the reason for this is that the game is boring for some people.

Destiny 2 is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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