Dita SECRET NUMBER Cries While Chatting With Lockey Indonesia


One of the SECRET NUMBER personnel, Dita Karang cried while chatting with an Indonesian fan.

Recently, a SECRET NUMBER fan with the Twitter account @watcher_daily, uploaded a virtual fansign video of himself with Dita.

According to the fan, he is one of two Indonesian fans who have successfully participated in the SECRET NUMBER fansign this time.

At first the two greeted each other using Indonesian. The fan said, “Hello Dita, hello how are you?” to which Dita answered, “Hello, all right, how are you?”


Hearing the messages of support from Lockey Indonesia, Dita said, “Really, if there is no Lockey, I don’t know how I can stay here,” to which the fan replied, “And thank you for not giving up,” thus making Dita cries.

While crying with tears, Dita conveyed her message to Lockey Indonesia, “Thank you very much, in the future, continue to support me!”


SECRET NUMBER recently made their comeback with the song ‘Fire Saturday‘. SECRET NUMBER is also scheduled to appear at the ‘Tokopedia WIB Indonesia K-Pop Awards 2021‘ award ceremony on November 25.