Disturbing Report Details How Kyrie Irving Allegedly Treated Teammates and Coaches


Brooklyn Nets quarterback Kyrie Irving has decided to stay with the Nets for the final year. But this does not mean that everything is fine between the two sides.

Speaking on ESPN’s Get Up, NBA insider Brian Windhorst explained that the problems between Kyrie and the Nets last year were not limited to his refusal to vaccinate in accordance with New York regulations. Windhorst said that Kyrie’s attitude towards his football teammates and coaches was also a problem.

“[The Nets’ front office] has made it clear that the status quo of last season is unacceptable. And it wasn’t just about the vaccination mandate, but also how Kyrie Irving treated his teammates… his coaches,” Windhorst. said.

Windhorst said that while Kyrie intends to see the Nets again in the fall, the Nets want to settle things with Kyrie first. And if Kyrie refuses to date, then Kyrie can still move.

There is no reason to believe that Kyrie Irving will actually meet with the Brooklyn Nets to solve any problems they may have next year.

Kyrie already had all the leverage, and now that he has agreed to the 2022-23 season, he has even more.

The Nets sacrificed all their influence on Kyrie Irving for the sake of trying to form a super team of Kyrie and Kevin Durant. Now they will learn the hard way what kind of mistake it was.

Will Kyrie Irving and the Nets be able to fix the situation, or are Kyrie doomed to be traded?