Disturbing Details Emerge during Jon Gruden’s Lawsuit against the NFL


Former Las Vegas Raiders coach Jon Gruden and the NFL are still fighting a lawsuit against each other.

According to a recent report by David Charnes of CBS 8 in Las Vegas, the NFL has suggested that Gruden’s potential habit of sending “derogatory” emails is not an isolated case.

In a lawsuit last week, the NFL openly questioned Gruden’s order that he did not send derogatory messages while on the Raiders’ roster.

“In several places, Gruden’s proposed order states that the emails were sent between 2011 and 2018, when Gruden worked not as a coach in the NFL, but as an ESPN employee,” the league’s lawyers wrote.

Here’s more information from Pro Football Talk:

This means that the league believes (or already knows) that Gruden sent problematic emails not only while he was not working for any NFL team, but also after he returned to the Raiders in 2018. the argument that the case should be resolved in arbitration, claiming that Gruden also sent “derogatory” emails after joining the Raiders.

The Pro Football Talk report says there’s nothing the NFL can do about its new evidence. However, this could create a “smear campaign” to raise doubts about Gruden.

However, it looks like Gruden and the NFL are facing a long and unpleasant lawsuit.


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