Distributor of Aeon Must Die! Taking action for complaints


Focus Interactive claims to be closely studying the accusations made against Limestone Games: non-payments, crunch, theft of the license …

Focus Home Interactive, distributor of the recently announced Aeon Must Die !, has confirmed that they are studying the situation around the title developer, Limestone Games, after a wave of workers has denounced bad practices, situations of labor abuse or even the theft of intellectual property.

What happened and what is happening with Aeon Must Die!

Aeon Must Die !, which will arrive in 2021 for PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch, was presented last week at Sony’s State of Play and was one of the most prominent titles of the event; But everything was clouded by what came immediately afterwards on the part of the employees, who used social networks and other means through the Internet to expose a situation of labor exploitation during development: endless hours, non-payments, mistreatment or the own IP, Aeon Must Die !, which they claim is really stolen; that is, they are making use of images and resources whose rights they do not have.

The situation has reached such an extent that Limestone CEO Yaroslv Lyssenko has been accused of writing threatening letters to the workers. In this Dropbox folder are the supposed proofs that everything employees say is true. A few hours later, Limestone deleted absolutely all official messages from his account on the social network Twitter.

From Focus Home Interactive, which is in charge of the edition and future distribution of the video game on the digital portals of the aforementioned consoles, they have issued an extensive statement where they explain that “as the editor of this video game, Focus is closely observing all the accusations and it will reach the necessary conclusions and it is proved that they are correctly founded; and then we will take the appropriate measures. ” Hopefully they will soon offer more details on how things are between both parties. For its part, the study’s Twitter account has been completely reset.


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