Distraught fans noticed a giant plush Snorlax stuck inside the prize machine


Several Pokemon fans noticed a massive plush Snorlax in one of the most unexpected places: inside a prize machine in a local arcade. The massive and sleepy Snorlax, inspired by Game Freak planner Koji Nishino, debuted in the original Pokémon Red and Blue on the Game Boy in the late 1990s. There, two representatives of the species are napping on the roads necessary to advance through the game, and the use of pokeflates is required to awaken and capture them. Since then, Snorlax has become a fan favorite thanks to its funny design and comically lazy character, and many gamers consider the slumbering giant to be one of the most popular non-legendary Pokemon in the long-running Nintendo franchise.

Snorlax has appeared in almost all major Pokemon games, as well as in various by-products and additional media. He has also produced a variety of products, including massive and expensive Snorlax plush dolls and bag chairs that perfectly recreate the sleeping giant. Some parents even used a soft version of Snorlax as an improvised children’s gate, citing its role in games as an obstacle that prevents novice coaches from continuing their quest. However, ironically, Pokemon fans have recently encountered Snorlax in an unusual situation.

A few days ago, Reddit user UltimaBahamut93 shared with r/pokemon a photo of a giant plush Snorlax stuffed inside a prize machine. The hapless creature is depicted quite funny: Snorlax, it would seem, is pressed against the boundaries of the car in an attempt to break free. Other users in the comments section of the UltimaBahamut93 post joked that Snorlax was just napping in the prize slot machine, while others playfully called on any passers-by to help free Snorlax from his glass prison by winning the slot machine game. These calls to action intensified when the Out Of Context Pokémon Twitter account shared an UltimaBahamut93 message on Reddit, where several fans offered to fly to the arcade to free Snorlax, suggesting that his imprisonment could be the work of the nefarious Pokémon Team Rocket.

In addition to being trapped inside the claw machines, Snorlax has been very busy over the past few years thanks to his appearances in games such as this year’s Pokémon Legends: Arceus, where fans regularly chase the eternally hungry Pokemon in the game. pseudo-landscape with an open world. Arceus’ version of Snorlax has even demonstrated an amazing level of superspeed thanks to glitches, and others have reportedly noticed an unlikely romance between Snorlax and Bliss of the same size. The next appearance of Snorlax in games may take place in the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet games, which are due to be released on the Nintendo Switch in November this year.

Although there is a good irony in the predicament of the plush Snorlax, it is likely that after his release he will be a wonderful addition to the personal collection of a Pokemon fan. In addition, the ability to release him from the glass slot machine can give those who love Pokemon games the opportunity to catch a companion in real life, although winning in an arcade game is definitely different from throwing a pokeball in any of the main Pokémon series. games.