Distinguish between twins with Face ID


Since Apple made it fashionable, in the world of mobile telephony the fingerprint reader has become the most widely used biometric security system.

And when it was the turn of the iPhone X a few years ago, Apple again innovated by betting on a facial scanner, a facial unlock technology called Face ID that quickly spread among other manufacturers. A technology that Apple seeks to improve with its next patent.

As can be read in the new Apple patent registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the creator of the iPhone is working on a system of evaluation of subepidermal characteristics capable of “identifying the veins of the face”, to recognize the user in situations where the authentication process may be less accurate.

According to Apple review in the text of the patent, the subepidermal image of a user’s face used to try to unlock a device can also be used to improve the authentication process based on facial recognition.

An additional system to Face ID

More than the next evolution of the Face ID or an addition to it, the biometric system that Apple is preparing would be an additional element, a secondary system present next to the Face ID in which mobile can be used to “reduce or avoid increases in a rate of false acceptance. ” That is, to avoid error in the identification of two people with very similar facial features, as occurs with brothers or twins. Or just two people who are very similar.

At the moment it is that, a patent. But since Apple always enhances its biometric and security technology in each new iPhone, we wonder if this system will be one of the novelties of the next iPhone 12 that we will see in September.

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