Distance learning step from Apple for Corona virus!


Corona many countries, including Turkey continues to rapidly increase the severity of the virus made the transition to distance education. Realizing that there is a serious problem with the distance education infrastructure, Apple held a quick hand. Apple is preparing distance learning content.

Apple will come across with distance learning content!
Schools around the world are closing due to the corona virus pandemic. In many countries, including Turkey elementary school, middle school, high school and universities made the transition to distance education. Since it is a situation caught off guard, problems about distance education infrastructure continue to occur.

However, Apple delighted by sharing on Twitter. Ready to help with a new site that shows how to enable distance learning for all students and teachers using Apple products.

The Apple Education Learning Series website has a collection of videos for students and educators of all ages. Apple announced that it will continue to add more of the site content tonight, with a share from Apple Education user Twitter account.

With the spread of COVID-19, it recently announced that schools in each state in the US will remain closed for a month. Students, from kindergarten to university, now have to adapt to distance learning. However, due to this rapid development, it was very difficult for both students and educators to adapt to the system.

That’s why Apple will offer different training to both students and educators to facilitate distance learning. Apple’s first two training videos focus on how to use iPad’s built-in features in distance learning.

The first video titled ‘Preparing Resources for Distance Learning’ covers how to use the iPad camera to scan documents and stay organized. It also shows how the marking feature can be used to annotate materials, how to use Voice Memos, and details of some other features.

The other video titled ‘Creating and Sharing Presentations and Demos’ shows shortcuts that are as impressive as making face-to-face calls when you can’t actually meet face-to-face. In addition to FaceTime tips, the group includes different ways to present using Keynote. The video even tells educators how to save content to create a demo that can be sent to students to view later.

Apple is expected to release training videos for all devices other than iPad soon. Some reports also leaked that the company is trying to develop its own distance learning software. Even though the details are not yet clear, an explanation may come from Apple in a short time.


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