Distance education: students virtual attacks


Although most children and young people had contact with technology from an early age, many parents and teachers were not prepared for the transfer of their children’s school routine into the home.

Distance learning, adopted by institutions during the pandemic, required the adaptation of several actors in this new student reality, including the study environment. In this sense, a characteristic that has gone unnoticed by several people is fundamental in caring for students: digital security.

An example that can be extended to small children is what was revealed by the National Union of Teachers of Higher Education Institutions (Andes-SN). According to him, at least eight universities have registered attacks on academic activities since the pandemic began, which included hacking into virtual meetings and showing aggressive content, such as pornography.

Antonio Gonçalves, president of the institution, warns: “These virtual attacks show how fragile these virtual environments are and point to what students and teachers may be exposed to. In addition to dealing with all the difficulties of infrastructure, access, time organization and also issues subjective, the academic community is also exposed to the interruption of activities and the negative emotional impact that these aggressions have “.

When thinking about children and adolescents, therefore, even more care is needed.

Equipment and platforms matter

Going against this weakness, one of the companies dedicated to studying new educational phenomena is Acer, which, in its publication Acer for Education 2020, explains: “The ways in which people interact, socialize and work are changing rapidly, creating a brand-new value system. Acer has built a broad ecosystem to provide innovative and comprehensive solutions to the education community. ”

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To ensure the integrity of students, also according to the company, it is necessary to invest in adaptable solutions that cover all education needs, from software solutions focused on education to innovative technologies, such as mixed reality, something done by the company. “Our award-winning assistance and customer support are essential to help teachers, students, schools and educational institutions to prevent technical problems from disturbing the learning process”, was explained in the publication.

Therefore, to ensure the smooth running of classes and optimize the experience to the fullest, more than good antivirus and parental control is needed. It is necessary that the equipment and platforms used are up to the needs. Thus, the new day-to-day student will be suitable both for those who study and for those who take care of future professionals.


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