Dispute over Son: Kristina Hall shoots An Ansted Ant


Kristina Hall has vented her anger! Last year, the TV broker divorced TV presenter Ant Ansted (43 years old). Their son Hudson was born from a three-year marriage. Ant recently accused his ex of being a bad mother on the internet because she showed a three-year-old child on the Internet, but Kristina doesn’t want it to just depend on her!

Kristina shared a selfie on Instagram, in which she looks completely unhappy. “I am mentally exhausted. Hudson’s father is trying to turn my family, friends and fans against me with outrageous accusations,” the blonde writes under the picture. To get out of the line of fire, she decided not to show her son online anymore.

Kristina stressed that she never sought to show her child on social networks. “The only reason I did it was because I always wanted him to participate in fun walks,” she explained Hudson’s presence in her feed. She also thanked everyone who was with her at that time.


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