Disney’s Twitter User Gets Disney + Customer Representative Viral


Disney’s Twitter User Gets Disney + Customer Representative Viral

In recent days, a user’s talk with a Disney + customer representative on Twitter was on the agenda. The speech of the user who wanted to remove the ex-lover from the account ended with the name of the customer representative named Snapchat.

Twitter can often host interesting events. On the platform where people share their experiences, sometimes we can see quite funny and entertaining shares. A Twitter user recently shared her conversation with a customer representative, causing her to become viral on Twitter.

Katherine Andrus’s Twitter user shared a meeting with Disney +’s customer representative, which was released last month. In fact, Katherine is sending a message to the customer representative to remove her ex-boyfriend from her account she shares with her ex-boyfriend and prevent her from watching the last episode of Mandelorian. The customer representative explains to Katherine that she can change the password of her account, but she cannot remove anyone from the account, and things are becoming more interesting.

Gives Snapchat address to customer representative:

Thanking Katherine for what she said to the customer representative, when she asked, ‘Is there anything else I can help with?’, Katherine asked, ‘How can I find someone new to watch together with Disney +?’, The customer representative asks, ‘Make sure you love Disney as much as you do.’ says. Katherine, after this statement of the customer representative shoots in full expression.

Ather Do you love Disney as much as I do? Katherine asks the customer representative, I love Disney. After that, Katherine gives her Snapchat username to the customer representative and tells her to add it. After that, the customer representative thinks that the other person rejects the offer when Katherine ends the conversation, but it does not.

When Katherine opens the Snapchat notification on her phone, she sees someone add it and says, ‘Please tell me you’re a Disney + client representative, Jordan and after Jordan says‘ Yes, it’s me, ather Katherine shares it on Twitter. The interaction of the share, which currently has 254 thousand likes and 36.7 thousand Retweets, continues to increase day by day. Katherine said she had to close her Snapchat account after she became viral. In the comments made under the share, almost everyone says that she thinks she rejected Katherine’s offer.

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