Disney’s new animated film “Strange World” starring Lucy Liu & Dennis Quaid


Disney is voicing its upcoming feature film “Strange World” by several talented actors. Following the success of Pixar’s Encanto and Lightyear, this new pulp magazine-inspired sci-fi adventure follows the Clade family as they embark on a vibrant world filled with bizarre creatures. Elements of Jules Verne and films of the 50s, such as “The Lost Planet”, permeate the entire previously released trailer for “Strange World”. The trailer was primarily dedicated to Jake Gyllenhaal’s Seeker, but also showed how he interacts with an unknown character.

Now Variety reports that Walt Disney Animation studio has unveiled the full voice at the French Animation Festival in Annecy. Veteran actor Dennis Quaid will play grandfather Jagger Clade, accompanied by Gabrielle Union as the wife of the Meridian Seeker, Jabuki Young-White as their son Ethan and Lucy Liu as Callisto Mel, the head of the magical land of Avalonia, with whom the Seeker talked in the trailer. The Burly Patriarch will be Quaid’s second off-screen role, the first of which was 2007’s “Battle for Terra.”

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Interestingly, the Annecy demonstration didn’t seem to be about Alan Tudyk’s mysterious role in the film. Most likely, he will give his dynamic voice to the blue alien creature Splat, who seems to be joining the Hoards on their journey and who, according to producer Ray Conley, “may just become your favorite character.” Disney regularly attracts top-level talent, but the news is no less exciting. Yang-White and Liu are the most experienced voice actors in the cast, so “Strange World” certainly dares to go where few others do, in choosing the rest for their silver tongues.