Disneyland’s Next Big Attraction Opens Earlier Than We Thought


Mickey’s cartoon town at Disneyland has been closed for major repairs for several months. The whole land is completely closed. Fans were looking forward to the opening of the earth not only because of all the expected design changes, but also because of the brand new main attraction, the Mickey and Minnie Runaways Railroad. We expected the new attraction to open near Novaya zemlya early next year. But we just found out that the attraction will come first, and much earlier than we expected.

Disneyland Resort has announced that the long-awaited Mickey and Minnie Railroad will be opened to guests on January 27, 2023, the first day of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of Disneyland. However, the opening of the rest of Mickey’s Cartoon City is scheduled for spring 2023, so the attraction will open alone.

Runaway Railway will certainly not be the only big event that will happen on January 27. As part of the event “100 years of Miracles”, dedicated to the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Walt Disney Company, a new night performance of Disneyland “Wonderful Journeys” in a new version will also be presented. from the Disney California Adventure World of Color called World of Color – One and the return of the Magic Happens parade, everything should start on the same day.

We knew that all these various additions to Disneyland were coming, they were all announced at the recent D23 Expo, but to have an exact date for them is great. It’s especially nice to know when Magic Happens will be back. This parade debuted at Disneyland just two weeks before the pandemic closed, so very few people have ever seen it.

Disneyland has only ever called the ToonTown reopening date “early 2023,” but we certainly didn’t expect any of this to be ready within the first month of the year. The fact that the attraction will now open earlier than the rest of the earth certainly gives the impression that the plan was to open everything in the spring, but since the attraction was ready, someone decided why wait?

The Mickey and Minnie Runaway Railroad opened at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in March 2020, shortly before closing due to the pandemic. The Disneyland version is expected to be pretty much a clone of this version, although there will be some exterior and cosmetic differences to make the ride fit the Toontown theme better.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the new attraction opens early. At the moment, this has become somewhat standard practice. Disney opened “Star Wars: The Edge of the Galaxy” in both Disneyland and Walt Disney World without a “Resistance Uprising.” The Avengers campus opened at Disney California Adventure without a basic e-ticket, and only recently Disney confirmed that this attraction exists at all.

Let’s hope that Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railroad doesn’t become too much of a leap compared to the rest of Mickey’s Cartoon Town. Guiding guests to an attraction at the back of the earth while the rest of it is still under development is likely to become a logistical nightmare. However, there is no need to wait for a new trip pleasantly. Now there are less than four months left.


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