Disneyland Has an Amazing Secret Benefit for Kids, but the Viral Tik Tok May Have Ruined It


Disneyland was designed by Walt Disney as a place where parents and children could have fun together, not as a place where children ride rides while adults watch. However, there is one advantage that adults have over children when it comes to a variety of rides: adults are taller. Many Disneyland and Disneyworld rides have height requirements that prevent young children from riding them, but it turns out that Disneyland has something special for some kids who aren’t tall enough yet. It’s a really nice gesture that can lead to problems when people find out about it.

The TikTok video recently went viral, and it showed something that many people, including me, probably didn’t know about. It turns out that Disneyland actors have access to cards that they can hand out to children who are not tall enough to ride on certain rides. The cards give the child the opportunity to skip the queue when he returns in the future and reaches the minimum required height.

Disneyland and Walt Disney World Cast members have different opportunities to help guests get a magical experience in parks, and this is one of the really good ways. It is easy to imagine how upset a child gets when he realizes that he is not tall enough to ride. This little card could completely change their attitude, giving them a reason to look forward to this special time in the future. The Disney Cast members do everything, including snake fighting, and we don’t appreciate them enough.

But many people in the comments to the video are actually very upset that this secret has now been revealed. Two potential problems are recognized, one of which is that there will be people who will want to get the card as a souvenir, and not actually use it. Another problem is that Disneyland usually does not give this card to every child who does not reach the growth bar. It would be more known if this were the case. It is used for special occasions, but now a lot more people will find out that they exist and they will start asking for them, perhaps even trying to attract children to the rides because they know they are too small to just ask for them. postcard.

This is a problem that we have seen with other “hacks”, this word has become an abbreviation for “people enjoying the generosity of Disney Cast members”. After one woman’s TikTok went viral after she received a free shirt for the “dress code” in Walt Disney World, many more people started specifically wearing inappropriate clothes at Disney parks in an attempt to get free shirts. Fewer people at Disney World have had success with the dress code now, probably because the park is trying to discourage such behavior.

It’s easy to see something similar here. If people start constantly asking for these cards or making a fuss if they don’t get them, it’s easy to imagine that this advantage will be taken away, which means that it won’t be available to children for whom it could be useful. really good.

So while it’s nice to know that this special subject exists, let’s not overdo it, okay? Let the actors decide when to use it and when not to. It will make this experience even more magical for those who can really use it, and someday it may be you.


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