Disney Wants “Unique Features” in Games like Tron: Identity


During the presentation of the Disney and Marvel Games Showcase at the D23 Expo, Disney announced Tron: Identity, a brand new video game being developed by John Wick Hex’s Bithell Games. This game is unique compared to other Tron games because it is a visual novel and a detective story. This approach gives the developer of Bithell Games the opportunity to do something new with Tron IP. While the Tron universe isn’t as popular as some of the conglomerate’s other properties, the opportunity to work on a game using one of Disney’s many intellectual property rights is an exciting opportunity.

Although the teaser trailer for Tron: Identity wasn’t much of a brag, it has been confirmed that it follows a detective program known as Query. They were instructed to solve the mystery of the crime that occurred online. This is the first time the Tron series has tackled this game genre, but these new and unique approaches are exactly what Disney wants. Game Rant spoke with director Mike Bithell and Disney Pixar Games producer Heidi Vargas at D23 about how Tron: Identity got into Bithell Games.

According to Mike Bitell, choosing such a studio to work on Tron: Identity became part of a larger strategy, in one of which he was lucky enough to be a potential candidate. Vargas would expand on this by saying:

“So, you know, at Disney, we’re storytellers first and foremost, and we want to work with people who understand brands and really know what to do with them. And Mike and his team are incredible storytellers. take such a familiar franchise and create something new with it, something completely unique. Bringing us new characters and introducing us to this new grid, really giving players and fans of Tron something new to hang out with after so many years.”

Bitell then went on to talk about how, speaking from a game development perspective, this strategy allows other developers with a unique vision of the Tron series to take a fresh look at these franchises. He notes that it was an inspiring feeling when a big company like Disney allowed companies to experiment and create games using these IP addresses in strange and unique games.

Vargas elaborated on these details where the goal of these new games is not just to create games based on popular trends or “what’s expected” for a franchise like Tron. Instead, the focus is on finding studios that want to create games like Tron: Identity with a completely different gameplay or storytelling approach. As Vargas says,

“As in the case of Disney, we are approached by many game studios, but we do not seek to just do the obvious. We need really new, really innovative and really unique opportunities. there.”

Bitell continues his thoughts, saying:

“We should be the same, right? That’s how you create stories that last a long time. You have to keep researching and keep expanding what you are doing. Otherwise, you will find yourself in a rut.”

Judging by both of these comments, fans should be thrilled with Tron: Identity, with the promise of storytelling and gameplay from a unique perspective. Obviously, Disney and Bithell Games are aiming to provide a unique experience that hasn’t been used before in previous games set in the universe, and it will be interesting to see if there are other unique projects like this in the works that Disney isn’t quite ready to share yet.

Tron Identity will be released in 2023 on PCs and consoles.


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