Disney wants to adapt the “Hercules” cartoon!


Disney tries to please its fans. They should be happy soon. Indeed, “Hercules” could well be adapted in live action.

Disney seems to be preparing a big surprise. Fans of the Hercules cartoon will indeed be able to see a live action version landed.

Disney fans are the happiest in the world. And for good reason, the group always tries to surprise its fans. What to delight the greatest followers then.

In fact, to everyone’s surprise Disney announced the release of Cruella. But that’s not all. It is true that for his films, nothing is done at random. Thus, Emma Stone is headlining. Not bad !

Once again, Disney is doing strong. Viewers are therefore eager to discover the beautiful actress in the shoes of a villain. A character that fans love to hate.

Thus, they make their impatience known on the Web. This new film is at the center of questions on social networks.

Moreover, with Disney + the company does not do things by halves. The platform accompanied all the fans of fairyland during the confinement. And once again, nothing is too much trouble for Disney. Not surprising !

Indeed, fans will be very happy to hear this great news. The Hercules cartoon will be adapted in live action. What intrigue the many Internet fans of the film.

Disney wants to adapt the cartoon “Hercules” into a live action movie!


For several years, Disney has not stopped offering live action adaptations of its great hits.

After Mulan, Aladdin and The Lion King, Disney does not intend to stop there. And for good reason, his cartoon Hercules from 1997 will not escape the rule.

The announcement was made on the Lights Camera Barstool podcast. Joe Russo therefore explains: “The scenario should be completed in a week. We took a lot of time and care to work it out. ”

He then adds: “It was a film that was really important to me and my children, who loved it when they were little. So we all have a strong emotional bond with him. ”

In addition, this adaptation should therefore remain faithful to the Disney cartoon. And yet, the American producer intends to “build a complete universe” to go “beyond the story”.

So, it’s hard to guess what Disney really intends to offer with this new project.

This feature film is currently being written. Moreover, the film does not yet have an appointed director, or even a defined cast. Fans therefore still have plenty to discover about this live action adaptation.

And yet, it will be long months before Disney viewers can discover this beautiful project. To be continued.


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