Disney unveils new trailer for “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” on D23: “The King is Dead”


The new trailer for the movie “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” revealed several new details of the plot of the film about the UPcA nomination.

The trailer, presented at D23 2022, but not before the scene exploded with the musical number “Captain America”, begins with the fact that the character of Angela Bassett appears at the UN. She is asked about vibranium and how it can be used as a weapon of mass destruction, and she is criticized for its threat to the global order.

The next scene shows a soldier invading the Wakanda information Center and subjugating the soldiers to his will. Returning to the Queen, she calls the UN liars and declares: The King is dead. The Black panther was gone. They have lost a defender.” Returning to the lab, Dora Milache appears and fights with the soldiers before appearing at the UN with them as prisoners.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever SDCC Trailer

Then several scenes flash in the trailer: Shuri in funeral clothes, a picture of Namor, the throne room on fire. The Queen can be seen talking to Namor, who is later attacked by M’baku, although M’baku’s staff is broken as a result. Another quick shot very briefly shows the Iron Heart before the new Black Panther hero, who remains a mystery, lands on a snow-covered field.

Director Ryan Coogler discussed “Wakanda Forever” after the trailer, paying tribute to the late Chadwick Bozeman along with actors Winston Duke, Tenoch Huerta and Bassett.

“It was just an amazing experience, and we look forward to sharing it with you,” Coogler said. “This is the calm before the amazing storm. Our heart, Chadwick, he paved the way — he showed us the way — and we had to match his skill level.”

Duke added that there is more and everything new in Wakanda Forever. “The technology is funny, the technology is different, the technology is something you haven’t seen, it’s Wakanda.”

The sequel to the beloved “Black Panther” has been preparing for a long time; After the huge success of the original, the production of Wakanda Forever was initially shocked by the tragic death of star Chadwick Bozeman. After the decision was made not to continue the CGI version of T’Challa Bozeman, the film was changed to respect Bozeman, but also to find a new direction. But since the start of filming, production has been hampered by COVID and delays. The set recently had to be closed due to an outbreak, and earlier it was stopped due to an injury sustained on set by star Letitia Wright.

Every Loose End in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Due to appear on November 11, at Comic-Con in San Diego, we received the first emotional trailer, which hid the identity of the new Black Panther. However, shortly after that, a LEGO set appeared that distributed the game.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever will be the last entry in Phase 4 of the MCU and will be part of the newly named Multiverse Saga, which includes Phases 4, 5 and 6. This will also be our first introduction to the new MCU character Ironheart, who will continue to host his own show on Disney+, inspired by the comics of the same name.

Ryan Dinsdale is an IGN freelancer. He’ll be talking about the Witcher all day.


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