Disney Twisted-Wonderland Arrives In The West In January


Twisted-Wonderland: Disney fans will have a new product to enjoy starting January 20, 2022, as production company f4samurai has announced that Disney Twisted-Wonderland, a narrative RPG inspired by the company’s villains famous for its cartoons and theme parks, will arrive next door from around the globe in versions for Android and iOS on this date.

Added to this, it was also informed that the pre-registration period starts this Tuesday (21st), and if certain goals are met, players will receive prizes. Check out what they are and their bonuses below:

10,000 subscribers: Lesson Item 3-Piece Set (increases experience gained in lessons)
15,000 subscribers: Magic Key x3 (allows one summon)
20,000 Subscribers: Magic Key and Lesson 3-Piece Set
25,000 subscribers: Magic Key and Starshards (L) x 5 (this item restores 10 AP)
30,000 subscribers: Celebratory Magical Key (allows you to summon an SR unit of your choice)

Villains school

The story behind this game involves taking players to Night Ravel College, a school for training wizards with several students inspired by Disney villains. It is in this universe that you must fit in while striving to take all your classes and improve your skills.