Disney +: Top 5 Movies or Cartoons to Watch at Christmas?


As Christmas is just around the corner, we reveal the many movies and cartoons to watch with your family on Disney +!

If this year has been a terrible one because of the health crisis, there has still been good news. Indeed, Disney + is finally released in France. On the occasion of Christmas, the platform offers several films and cartoons.

Every year there are must-see movies to spend the Christmas holidays. No need to wait for them on TV anymore, Disney + has a whole catalog to offer. First, you can watch “Scrooge’s Funny Christmas”.

This Disney + film tells the story of Ebenezer Scrooge. The latter hates Christmas. Nothing animates him anymore. He is a cold, stingy person who only cares about his own well being. Everything will change on Christmas night when three ghosts visit.

“Nightmare Before Christmas” is a popular cartoon. Created by Tim Burton, it unveils the story of Jack, a scarecrow. He is tired of celebrating Halloween and looking for a new party for his town.


In a colorful and more modern atmosphere, Disney + also offers “Frozen: Happy Holidays with Olaf” and “Olaf’s Adventures”. Two cartoons that will bring some joy for the end of the year.

A few days ago, the site also released a new film “Godmother or almost”. The latter tells the story of a Fairy Godmother who will land in the real world. To save the land of the fairies, she will also come to the aid of Mackenzie Walsh.

There is also the timeless “Mum, I missed the plane”. A film that has also seduced young and old for years. Finally, the platform also reserved a very nice surprise for its subscribers.

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Indeed, the cartoon “Soul” which was to be released last June at the cinema, will be released on Disney + on December 25. Excellent news.


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