Disney +: The final episode of WandaVision crashes!


According to Downdetector, the last episode of WandaVision on Disney + was so in demand it crashed the platform

Friday rhymes with the start of the weekend but also with WandaVision. In fact, each week, to this day, a new episode of the Marvel series is posted on Disney +. Lack of luck for the fans, the platform has bugged because of the high demand.

Because yes, the series in which Wanda and Vision are the heroes is the most viewed series at the moment. Who would have thought when we discovered the bizarre trailer for Marvel’s new project?

Indeed, in the form of a sitcom, fans of superheroes were skeptical before discovering the first episodes on Disney +. Were we going to get a series that came close to “My Beloved Witch” rather than the superpower brawl?

Yes, at the beginning. In fact, many fans gave up after the first two parts. But you just had to force yourself a little to really see things settle down. For several weeks now, the Marvel Universe has really made its appearance.

We can see that Wanda is the target of S.W.O.R.D. and that she creates a perfect world with the presence of her dear and loving one by taking the town of Westview hostage. Because yes, it is indeed hypnotized people who are in the idyllic village.

This, for the simple purpose of being able to lead the life she has always dreamed of leading alongside her late husband. This one, being killed by Thanos a few years ago. But bringing back the dead is never good … And we find that out every week on Disney +.

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Disney +: the latest episode of WandaVision crashes the platform!


Wanda also realizes this over the course of the episodes. Indeed, the more time she spends in Westview, the more problems begin to arise. Pietro Maximoff, his brother, even made his appearance.

Yet everyone is well aware that he died when the Avengers faced him and his sister. In reality, the Pietro from the Disney + series is none other than the one featured in the X-Men. This makes us understand that the universes are starting to mix.

It took no less to catch the attention of the fans who now want to know what’s going to happen.

So many questions that fans are asking themselves and to which they want answers. That’s why this Friday’s episode was eagerly awaited. But as we let you know, the demand was such that Disney + crashed …

Downdetector letting it be known that connection problems went from 0 to over 8000 in seconds. But know that the problem is now solved.

You can now go to the site and watch your episode in peace. Small advice, don’t miss the post-credits scene.


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